Wednesday, February 14, 2018

No act too small

January 2018

What a way to end another hugely successful trip. I am truly honoured to end this trip with being nominated by Mr Hai and receiving three awards: a Certificate of Merit from The People’s Committee of Quang Nam Province, a Vietnam Peace Medal and a Humanitarian Medal from the Red Cross in Vietnam. To my embarrassment, the media showed up too! Again, these awards and medals belong to everyone who donated. Every small contribution has been making a difference. I was standing up there next to organisations such as Fred Hollows, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision and Pepsi. Just goes to show you do not need to be a big organisation to make a difference. Thank you. #missionnampossible #charity #humanity #payitforward #makeadifference #noacttoosmall

Humanitarian Medal from the Red Cross in Vietnam. I was told I am the first foreigner to receive this Red Cross Humanitarian Medal.

The Peace Medal from the capital city in Vietnam was to acknowledge our great contribution to the poor in Quang Nam. I am told this Medal "For Peace and Friendship among Nations" is a noble reward for special foreigners who have been engaged in long-term donations for the poor and disadvantaged. These are not offered lightly and internationally, I am the 58th person to receive it. In the Quảng Nam region specifically, I am the second.

The People’s Committee of Quang Nam Province Appreciation Ceremony!!!
I was honoured with being nominated and subsequently selected to receive a Certificate of Merit for what we have achieved in the last two years.
This celebration was held for over 100 NGOs, Diplomatic & Foreign Aid Organisations, as well as individuals who have been working in the Quảng Nam province and contributing towards improving the lives and socioeconomic status of people in Quảng Nam.

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