Wednesday, February 14, 2018

"Emily" the Cow changing the future

January 2018

Meet Mrs No. she is 34 years old and whilst farming, her spine was crushed by a falling tree. Due to this, she can only perform limited duties. She also has a slight mental impairment. Her husband died at work farming in 2010. The house she lived in was very dilapidated and on land in an area heavily polluted with agent orange. Due to this, she moved in with her parents in the next village. She has two daughters, Vy (2004) aged 14 and Tu, (2009) aged 9. Their school is over 3km away also, so #missionnampossible purchased them bikes as well so they didn’t have to walk in the heat and rain. ‘Emily’ the cow was donated by the Alam family. Huge thanks for giving up your family Kris Kringle at Christmas and donating a cow instead. This will change their future.

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