Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Basic Shelter


Some of you may remember Mrs Ngan and her three daughters. We bought her a cow and support the girls to stay in school. They live deep in the jungle, past all the silvery spider webs on the ground, in a dilapidated ruin of a place they called a ‘house’. This ‘house’ had no floor, walls and no roof. Rainy season was a huge challenge for them, not to mention shelter in general.
What does bidding on Bruno Mars tickets at our trivia night get? A proper house for Mrs Ngan with walls, cement floor and a roof to keep them dry! They even built a second bedroom. Huge thanks to Nick Paras and Kelly Paras for bidding so generously and being able to build a house for Mrs Ngan. #missionnampossible #charity #shelter #house #basiclivingrights #basichumanrights #Vietnam #centralvietnam #ruralvietnam #payitforward

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