Wednesday, February 14, 2018

'Betty' the Cow changing lives

January 2018

For me, the most heartbreaking story this trip. Meet Ms Ly and her 10 year old daughter, My. They live in a one room house which has a leaky roof. Ms Ly has placed a tarp to try stop her house from getting wet.
Ms Ly has a myriad of agent orange health issues with the two most critical being heart disease as well as a blood disorder that really needs blood transfusions every month to keep her healthy.
There is no husband/father on the scene.
Ms Ly has no money and instead of going to the hospital every month, she can only afford to go three times a year. She has not been given long to live. When she goes to the hospital, it is six hours away and she must stay there for 20 days. When this occurs, My stays behind with her Uncle. My is an excellent student who loves literature. ‘Betty’ the cow was purchased from a donation from Brigit Rosenmai. Brigit, your random act of kindness has truly changed Ms Ly and My’s life.

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