Tuesday, January 21, 2020


This 7 year old at the #orphanage has this one old doll that Gabriel really wanted. She gave it up to him easily. He was obsessed with the ‘shoes’, trying to take them on and off. Very tiny shoes that require finger dexterity Mr G doesn’t quite possess yet. She would put them on for him, he would yank them off. He would say ‘shoes’ and she would patiently put them back on for him. This went on for 20 min. I admire her #patience

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Caring for each other

January 2020

When there’s too high a need and not enough carers, the more abled disabled become carers too #caringforeachother #disabilities #missionnampossible #love

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This award I received for all the #charitable acts we have done for the poor and disadvantaged communities in Central Vietnam is for all of you who have kindly and generously donated to #missionnampossible
 and made it all possible. Many families’ lives have been changed and improved thanks to you all

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Even without sight there is still vision

December 2019

Sen has always been my sunshine


Meeting Gabriel

December 2019

Knowing these kids for the last 9 years and watching them grow has been a very special thing for me and Jason Kazanis. Having them meet Gabriel and watching them interact makes my heart burst with love. They were so good with him!

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Baggage set!


155kg and 40kg carry on. Gabe will have to be excess luggage 😳. Vietnam here we come! #missionnampossible #donations thanks to all who donated!
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