Saturday, March 28, 2020


December 2019

Being here is always nothing short of amazing.Thank you to everyone who donated toys, Sand and Stories Early Childhood Centre for their art n craft resources and everyone who donated money for excursions to brighten up these children’s and agent orange residents’ days. When they have nothing, they are grateful for anything and everything! I must admit, the paint with water was a huge hit with everyone (even if I frown upon them as an Early Childhood Educator 🤣)

Dont DIS my ability

Still after 9 years of coming to these #orphanages, I ride a roller coaster of #emotions. Walking into one building, my 45 year old friend spots me. He gestures me over in his own way and says ‘nuoc’ (water) and gestures his hand like a painting move. It’s been almost two years since I’ve seen him and he remembered the last time I saw him, we did a paint with water piece. The next day, I brought him one and watched him paint with water. His physical #disability affects his speech- but it does not equate to a cognitive disability. I leave feeling #hopeless and emotional thinking that for 45 years this man has mainly sat in a room and stared at blank walls or at best, a tv. #missionnampossible #dontDISmyability

The human spirit

The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no #disability can steal away. All my beautiful friends in this shelter really highlight the strength, endurance and tolerance of the human spirit for me. I learn so much from them; their smiles touch my heart and leave an indelible mark in my soul.