Sunday, August 23, 2015

Music is the medicine of the mind

July 2015: Party time: bringing Peace Village and Baby Orphanage together. Important for children to see the disabled and be able to help and not be afraid of them.

Music and karaoke. All of them love it so much and get right into it. I stood back watching with tears blurring my vision.

I was watching Phuong sing and he was so passionate, getting into it, feeling the music, tapping his foot, clearly gesturing and making facial expressions in imitation of the singer of this song.

I know he has a family. I was getting emotional thinking about his mum and how she is missing out on all of this. He was so shy and timid when he first arrived. And now, he wouldn't let go of the mic! I was admiring him, full of pride for him. I'm just sorry his mum can't see these things in her son. All because of what? Poverty? Her husband died and she couldn't afford her son anymore? So she misses out on seeing her son grow and flourish and become future members of this society. And then I get angry thinking about how unfair it all is. Money. All because she doesn't have enough. And other people in this world have more than enough. It makes my blood boil in frustration.