Saturday, July 13, 2013

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"

The building is progressing at such a rapid rate! I couldn't believe my eyes from one week to the next how fast it all seems to go... Especially when they use a pulley system to lift all the sand and bricks up to the top level bit by bit with a bucket!

Vietnamese building sites crack me up in general: everyone working in rubber thongs, standing on ladders unsupported, hazards lying about everywhere, people up second level in crutches and foot casts overlooking the construction, children operating machines.....all I was missing was a chair and pop corn and I could have sat back and enjoyed the show all day!

Everyone has gone to great lengths to help such an amazing lady!
To all her friends, family, past volunteers and their fiends of friends that have helped fundraise for her dream to come true, she truly thanks each and every one of you from the bottom of her heart.

Her desire to help the orphans who leave and have nowhere to go once they turn 18 is still burning bright and strong.
If she could help them all she truly would!
Last week the second level was being complete, this week they were digging a water well and getting started on the plumbing and this weekend, they have already started to build the rooms upstairs where everyone will be sleeping apparently when they come to visit Tam Ky!
Brick by brick we are getting there!

In terms of the funding, Mrs H still needs $30,000 to complete it.
We have already raised $3000 however, we need another $2000 to complete the building itself.
The remainder $25,000 is to fit out the restaurant.

It's the last home run folks. Lets see if we can all band together one last time to help this lady complete her dream. There would be nothing worse than having the building stand empty and not have the funds to furnish it and get the party cooking!