Saturday, November 2, 2019

You raise me up

23rd September 2019

10 year old My’s mum has ‘blood cancer ‘ and needs transfusions every month at a hospital 8 hrs away she can’t afford. Thanks to donations for her over the years to #missionnampossible for her schooling, a cow donation from Brigit  and kind donations from  Terri for supporting monthly hospital trips this year, things are looking up. There’s no dad around either to help and so we stepped in to help. #charity #ruralvietnam #payitforward #sustainabledonation #onefamilyatatime #changetheworld #bethechange

My just wrote me this letter:

To Dearest Aunt Anna,
It has been long since I last met you. Just when I finished studying today, I realised how much I miss you. This pen I am holding is trying to take words deep down from my heart to send my gratitudes to you.
Aunt Anna, how have you been? I hope you are well? Your family is still good and all? I first wish you nothing but the peace, the luck and the success in life. Oops I have been too busy asking about you that I nearly forgot to ask about your baby! I wonder how old is your baby? Is the baby growing up well? When you come back here, please take the baby with you! Aunt Anna, since we met you, our life has been saved from being a shaking boat in the middle of the stormy ocean. You are the only benefactor that I feel grateful of in my whole life. You have been supporting me from the tiny little things, the food, the clothing and even the study. It has been a source of not only material but also emotional support that raises up our life. How could I ever think of paying you back? The only thing I know for sure is to try my best to study so that I don’t take your care for granted. Do you know.. the cow you bought for us gave birth to a very cute baby cow. I feed and wash them everyday. I hope you feel happy about this. Another thing that I remember is the trip you organised for us to visit Hoi An. It would have been more fun with you coming. When you come back, I will tell you everything about the beauty of Hoi An from my eyes. There are wonderful sights across the country that I wish to take you and your baby to come along!
Again, I nearly forgot to tell you about my mum. She has been unwell, been sick very often. Right before I entered a new school year, I went with mum to do the blood transfusion at hospital in Hue. I feel so worried about mum and only wish that she could stay with me forever. I feel for her so much! Thanks to your help, we have been able to afford these visits at the hospital. Otherwise, I could not dare to think what would have happened?
You are the fairy in my ordinary life, the only real fairy that I adore. I wish you a life of good health and happiness so that we can always keep in touch like this.
I am still curious about your baby being a girl or a boy!
I have been writing so long that I just realised it is late already! Aunt Anna, I really have to end here. My last words are spent to thank you for helping me and my mum, and to wish you a life of good health and happiness.
Bye for now,
Your little girl - My

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