Saturday, November 2, 2019

A gift from God

Meet Grandma Hoa. She is 56 years old and takes care of her two granddaughters. This is a very poor family, they don’t even have electricity, but use little oil lamps. Grandma Hoa is the breadwinner raising 2 granddaughters by herself.
Ngan was born in 2006.
Ngan's dad is Grandma Hoa's son. He lived with Ngan's mom in 2007 and after a while, he brought Ngan back home for grandma to take care of her since Ngan was 1 year old. Ngan has been a good student and achieved excellent results for 5 years in a row. She is currently in year 6.

An was born in 2014. In 2013, Ngan's dad got married to a woman who gave birth to An. When An was 8 months old, the mom left then at the end of 2016, the dad finally disappeared as well. Grandma Hoa no longer has contact with either of them.

Grandma’s dreams are:
+ Please assist Ngan to stay at school as the family is too poor to afford the fee.
+ Support needed to provide electricity for the family. Cost is 4 million VND - $240.
+ A cow is also in need as an extra earning.

‘Theodora’ the Cow was purchased by a generous donation from John Tchetchenian and family. The cow was named Theodora as the name means a gift from God/ the one who is an answer to your prayers and we thought it was fitting for this grandma.
If anyone would like to take on Ngan’s school fees for high school, please let me know. I have committed to installing the electricity in their house as living and studying by those two little oil lamps broke my heart (again).

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