Thursday, February 2, 2017

The little things are sometimes the big things....

It's New Year here and so many children have gone home to visit family and relatives (if known). 10 children (not including babies and disabled) remained behind and so I wanted to do something special for them for their New Year.

I took them to Danang (the big city two hours away) and to their first movie experience! Complete with coke and popcorn and escalators. A few were scared to get on the escalator and weren't sure where to step. Something I do so often without even thinking about back at home.... these kids really get me to pay attention to the little things.

We ate fast food and they marvelled at the sites their eyes were feasting on. Ke ordered spaghetti, which I am pretty sure he has never had before and he said it was delicious! What an Awesome day.