Saturday, November 2, 2019

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to have joy

13th July 2019

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be filled with joy. My friends in rural Vietnam we support with cows, building houses and paying for educational scholarships know this. It’s summer holidays there. These kids have never left their commune or the mountains. I decided that they needed a day of joy. A day to be kids and focus on their self esteem and psychological development; to enjoy their summer vacation a little and to be able to go back to school with a story of something they did over summer. So I planned a huge day out for them: two buses took all the kids we support to stay in school and their guardian on a long bus ride to go see the ocean, visit historical town of Hoi An, an amusement park, enjoy a seafood lunch and ice cream, see a bookshop and a shopping centre in the town. Tears to my eyes when I received these pictures of them. One 70year old Grandma who attended cried and said that in her entire 70years of age she had never visited Hoi An or had a day like this.
Huge thanks to donations that made this memorable day possible for them. #missionnampossible #charity

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