Saturday, November 2, 2019


27th July 2019

I received this letter from one of the girls #missionnampossible supports after their exciting outing out of the mountains.

”To dearest Aunt Anna,
On the occasion of the trip to Hoi An organised by the council and funded by you, we were all glad that it was so beautiful over there. The landscapes are beautiful and the climate was cool and fresh there! Also there were many games that we liked them very much.
 I held on my pen and quickly jotted down few things I had kept for a while and would like to send my greatest gratitude to you.
First of all, I wish you and your family happiness and a good health. Besides, are you having any difficulty at work or anything? Thanks to your care and support, the disadvantaged families have risen to survive better and you still spare a thought to organise a trip for us to visit place to place, from which we learn new things and expand our knowledge. Everyone is happy and grateful to have you and see you as the second mom. We will try study at our best and become good citizens, contribute to our society and our country to keep our words with you. About my own family, everyone is doing fine, we are earning more money compared to few years ago. I would like to let you know how we are going so that you feel excited for us. Thanks to your good heart, we have been supported to overcome troubles and two of us are able to go to school. This letter has been quite long, I would like to end here and again send a good health, a lot of happiness and good luck to you, your family and also your relatives. We would love to have you come back soon”.

The Alam family purchased them a cow in Jan 2017 and we support Grandma to send both girls to school.
We can make a difference one little person at a time. #charity #education #littlebitoflove #caring #payitforward #education #makeadifference #bethechange

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