Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My ability is stronger than my DISability

This is my friend Cong. He is in his forties and his body is literally stuck in this position. His brain works fine but because his body doesn't, and his physical disability also affects his speech, people disregard him and ignore him. When I walk in now, he says 'Na' for Anna. He gestures for me to go over and sit with him where he smiles continuously. If you spend time with him, he can actually accomplish some things with your support. Check out his block construction. He was so proud. Spent 45 minutes on it. #communicationthroughgestures #love #kindnessmatters #missionnampossible #itsthesmallthings #volunteer #charitywork #vietnam #justbecauseiamdisableddoesntmeaniamweakinanyway

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