Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Let your smile change the world...

His smile is infectious. He is kind and he cares for his fellow residents. He is happy to sit on the sidelines and approach an activity only when offered to join in. When the bus comes to pick everyone up to go out of the shelter and eat at a restaurant, he smiles widely, jumps on the spot and claps his hands. Then he turns to me and hugs and squeezes me very tightly before he gets on the bus. After the meal out, he shakes my hand before he gets back on the bus. And still, after years, we have never spoken a word to each other. My mute friend and I understand each other perfectly. #nowordsneeded #missionnampossible #love #charity #charitywork #volunteer #vietnam #communicationthroughgestures #nonverbalcommunication

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