Friday, April 15, 2016

The coke can that caused an episode...

People mean well and come and do what they can. But sometimes, I wish they would think and perhaps wait to donate food items when they have enough for all.
Two ladies walked into the disabled shelter with 6 cans of coke. There are 50 residents here.
Like a lion, the 20 or so residents out front when she took them out, pounced.
And the ones who missed out went into a frenzy.
One girl went into what seemed like an episodic state and was talking really fast and her eyes glazed over and wasn't looking at me when I tried to calm her down. Then she started lashing out and kicking anyone in front of her. The other residents were trying to get her to stop by holding her and one was hitting her. This was sad to see. Then to get her to stop, a carer rushed over and started physically controlling her too.
They pushed me aside, trying to protect me from her kicking but I was telling them that I didn't mind and then when they started hitting her to get her to stop kicking, I was trying to stop them from hitting her.
A full blown sad circus. All over a can of coke.

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