Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Can you remember the first time you blew a party blower?

Can you remember the first time you blew a party blower?
Up through a poverty stricken district, I find myself in a 'nursery school' - our version of preschools for 3-5 year olds. This one is the same as the others I have visited. Children learn through parroting back phrases and numbers. 6 hours a day. No play exists here.
Enter me. A bag full of games such as threading reels, dominoes, puzzles, memory games.....and a bigger bag of art and craft supplies thanks
to Sand and Stories Early Learning Centre, Renee Levenson and Annette Alis.
My highlight was handing out party blowers just before I left! (and yes, I strategically did timed that to leave before my ear drums had enough!).

This preschool has access to water but it is not drinkable. They have to boil it to drink it. Mission:Nampossible purchased a water filter for them so they could have access to drinking water.

I had the head of the department of education for this province and the director of the preschool follow me and watch what I did as a fellow educator. They were asking me for 'tips' which was nice. But without the money for resources and ongoing education for the teachers there, I am afraid not much will change. However, I take solace in the fact that change happens very slowly and I have just planted some seeds..... I have planted some information and hopefully the resources will be used to break up their method of parroting all day, everyday. Next trip, I will take some resources and explain the benefit of them and keep planting my seeds slowly....
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