Sunday, August 7, 2016

What you do speaks so loudly...

Visiting the other children who got moved to a different orphanage is always a different experience to where I am posted regularly.

I got here and even though I come alone with no translator, we still manage to communicate. The kids were excited to see me. And even more so, ALL the kids now recognise me and call my name. To be honest I was trying to keep my distance from this group as I couldn't possibly allow myself to fall in love with more children as I wouldn't be able to support them all. But these kids are pretty cool and I like hanging with them. I don't do big things for them as I don't have the funds for that,  but small things I can do. The other day I bought 60 ice creams and took them back for them. They were so grateful and excited by an ice block each.

The kids I know from Tam Ky, I just sit in their room as they do their thing and I thought to myself that I'm just wasting my time sitting here, not communicating with them, just observing what they do. But really, it must make some difference and when I say I'm leaving they get sad. And when I tell them I'll be back tomorrow they get excited.
Yesterday, I had two Aussie magazines with me that the lady next to me on the plane gave me. I took them out and we spent hours going through them. It was funny watching them compare the make up and fashion. Taylor Swift was on the cover of one and they love Tay Tay so everyone wanted to see her new boyfriend. I came back days later and some other kids were going through the magazines.
It was so simple. But in a place where you aren't allowed to leave and there is literally nothing to do, the magazines proved to be a hit.

It reminded me of the small things. And how these small gestures are actually greater bigger ones.
The security guard at night, I either caught him drunk and happy or in a good mood as I bought his son an ice cream too and he allowed me to take 12 kids out for dinner! I couldn't believe it!!!!! I told them all to hurry up and get out before he changed his mind. :)

We went to a street food lady where they ate bowls of noodles, laughed and joked with each other and then we went back. He only gave me 45 minutes with them. I wasn't going to argue, beggars can't be choosy!It was the best feeling sitting back and watching the children eat and laugh and joke with each other. I had a lump in my throat the entire time. I took a stool and sat behind them, kind of separately. And straight away, they noticed and they all shuffled their stools and moved me to be in the inner circle with them.

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