Monday, February 12, 2018

Connecting to the world of the internet

A bumpy 75km into ‘the jungle’ as I say, you will find a #highschool with 137 students, in an area with a 4000 population. The #students never touch a #computer when they take this subject: rather, the teacher has one computer, a screen where they see what she is clicking and they write down step by step how to open word, create an excel etc. #Rotary helped me connect these students to the outside world! They can now physically touch computers to learn how to use them as well as use them for learning English and to enter science and maths #competitions with other #remoteschools.

Huge thank you to #Rotaryinternational and #glenhavenrotary who purchased the computers, tables and chairs for them. #missionnampossible #charity#education #connectingthemtotheworldoftheinternet #futureopportunities

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