Sunday, August 7, 2016

The pimple that grew.....

Ngan has a growth on her face. I saw it 9 weeks ago when I was here and thought it may have been an infected pimple and left it, thinking it will heal on its own. Well, I was wrong. It's grown and its oozing a milkish pale yellow fluid.

The nurse just laughed at me when I said she needs a Dr. She said it's gotten smaller so don't worry about it. I said it's actually grown and she needs a Dr!!! Fell on deaf ears and so I took it higher to the Director. Showed her a picture of it and then she allowed me to take her to the Dr.

Ngan got excited when we told her she was going into the car for a ride. Poor girl thought this was going to be a fun adventure.

She loved sitting in the surgery waiting room as there was a TV and she kept inching closer to it to watch. In the dentist chair, she fought at first but then was really good at opening her mouth and letting the Dr see. It's definitely an abscess growing from her terribly decayed teeth and infected gum.

Ngan will need a hospital visit and surgery to fix it. Thank goodness to mission: nampossible donations who could do this for her. I cannot imagine how painful this abscess is....

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