Sunday, August 7, 2016

Every summer has a story...

As always when I come for summer holidays we go swimming. 34 children A DAY die from drowning in Vietnam. Getting them used to the water is good for them.

A head of local government asked me why I 'waste' my money on taking the children out and why I don't do bigger projects with my money like install more clean water tanks, buy more cows etc.

I replied that I did not 'waste' my money.

I told him I balanced my spending's on buying cows, installing clean water systems, paying for children's education, vaccination programs etc with taking the children out and showing them joy.

Who else does that?  I explained that children's self esteem and emotional state is just as important as everything else. When they get back to school from holidays and everyone is talking about what they did over the break, at least all these kids can now join in and say 'yeah! I went swimming and ate at restaurants too!' and feel good about themselves. They are ostracised enough and labelled as orphans, give the kids something. C'mon!

I don't need to write loads here. The pics say it all.

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