Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Clean water is the first step to lifting communities out of cycles of illness and poverty

Many many thanks to Rotary Glenhaven who have helped me install clean water systems for two school in the Tien Phuoc District of Vietnam.

The preschool has 300 students a week, where 100 pupils attend each day. There are also 22 teachers who work here.  It has been open since 2009 and they have been boiling water up to now to cook with and give to children.

Ms Lan is the Director of the high school that opened last year which also received a clean water system. The school has 164 students from Grade 6-9 as well as 22 teachers.
There was no water at this school. Children were bringing a bottle from home each day. This was the only source of water they had. Water here is mainly used for toilet and practical tasks in science etc. The school has access to a well and by installing the clean water system, the well is now used as a community tool as well so another nearby nursery school and community school can also access.

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