Monday, January 23, 2017

“Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere.” Chinese Proverb

January 2017.

"A positive learning climate in a school for young children is a composite of many things.  It is an attitude that respects children.  It is a place where children receive guidance and encouragement from the responsible adults around them.  It is an environment where children can experiment and try out new ideas without fear or failure.  It is an atmosphere that builds children’s self-confidence so they dare to take risks.  It is an environment that nurtures a love of learning" ~ Carol B. Hillman (20th Century), U.S. early childhood educator.  Creating a Learning Climate for the Early Childhood Years, Fastback Series (1989).

Further into Que Son, another mountainous district of #centralvietnam, a preschool resides across the road from lots of vegetation.

3-5 year olds attend every day, sit in a semi circle and listen to a teacher recite information which they have to parrot back. This happens for six hours a day!!!!!

Jason and I brought lots of educational resources and games that were #donated to #missionnampossible up here to show the teachers here a different way of educating children.

We had so much fun teaching them games and watching their joy.

I sat back and observed the children amidst the role modelling and giving instructions and it really struck how fortunate our children in Australia are.
It took quite a few attempts to get the 4-5 year olds to understand what the dice was and how to play snakes and ladders.

Explaining a 'snap' game was also a challenge... they understood the basic concept eventually but they decided that they would go through their cards in their pile and find the matching one on top of the 'snap' pile to add whenever they found one and then 'snap' the pile.

It was truly interesting to watch from an early childhood and developmental level.

The #teachers were very grateful and we hope that our #charity and donation have #madeadifference to the way this #preschool engages in #educationalpractices.

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